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Interactive Touch Screen’s are not the future anymore they are the now; consumers are demanding an interactive experience that they can be a part of. These Touch Screens can turn any display in your museum into an interactive touch screen within a few minutes; we provide two options when looking for interactive displays.

Be sure before ordering that you determine the right option for your application and needs –

  • Interactive IR Bezel
  • Interactive Thru-Glass Touch Film - Info Download


Interactive Touch Bezels can transform your projection screen, plasma, LCD or LED flat screen display into an interactive surface by simply sticking the IR bezel to the bezel of your display. This technology has IR or infrared technology that can sense the touch of your finger with extreme accuracy and response rate.

You have a choice of how many places you can your display at one time when buying a IR Touch Bezel –

The basic model will allow you 2 touch points or commonly known as dual touch operation, you can use two fingers to control and interact with the different functions of your software and programming features. With this bezel you can control many of the functions that you have seen on TV like throwing items around on the screen, resizing pictures and documents with their fingers and practically anything one person wants to do on a small or even large screen display.

The bigger the display that you have the more touch points you may want to offer your viewers, if you have a 50” or larger digital display you may want to consider a multi-touch bezel. The next step up in our line of IR bezels, this will give you true multi-touch control and operation of your display. You can touch and interact with the screen in up to six different places at one time, with this level of control more than one person can join in and be a part of the action.

As the demand for larger displays continues to grow and viewers want to see it bigger brighter and bolder you will need to provide more touch points that is relative to the size of the screen. The highest level of interaction and the most amounts of touch points we offer is thirty two points of touch; 32 individual fingers or people can interact with the touch screen display at one single time. With this bezel added onto your large format display you can provide an interactive surface for a group of people to enjoy and interact with at one time. This particular bezel is great for intense interactive software programs and functionality needs; if you don’t have the option to be limited in your use of your touch screen display this is for you.


Touch Screen – Touch screens have changed the way that society behaves and is now a must on cell phones, PDA’s, IPODS, in car GPS units, computers and now store front displays, tradeshow displays and in store marketing devices. Touch screens are available in several different technology types but the one we are covering in this article is Thru Glass interactive touch foils that are used in conjunction with Projection Displays, LCD and Plasma screens; turning any content that can be clicked on, activated or controlled with a mouse (websites, programs, games, software, apps, etc.)  into content that can be controlled by the touch of your finger.

This technology is great for retail and many other uses in that it allows the common man or customer to interact with your digital signage without ever coming in contact with the display, touch screen, projector or computer…..all of these are safe and secure behind the glass (inside the store). A Capacitive touch screen foil is designed to be applied to a rigid substrate such as a storefront glass window; you would install the touch screen foil to the inside of the glass with an application liquid – this part of the process usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Once the touch screen is applied to the glass typically you should wait about 24 hours and then return to complete the installation of projection film.

Now that you are ready to install the projection film go ahead and apply it to the back of the touch foil that is on the window and squeegee out the application liquid.

The touch screen has a PCB typically on the bottom of the foil itself, this connects to a computer with the supplied USB cable. The computer sends the signal to the projector and is the liaison between your finger and the projector; literally controlling the content stored on the computer.

At this point you are ready to turn on the projector and begin the calibration process which is as easy as opening up the software and touching 3 circles in the corners of the displays (remember you will be on the front side of the glass at this point).


Now you have your very own interactive storefront display that can be used for advertising, promotion, marketing, list building and customer relationship development.

Also see our Touch Screen Page for further Information

You may want to consider Anti-Glare Film for any Window Displays or Glass Displays - Download Info HERE

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