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Thru Glass Touch Screen – Interactive is in and a must in this age of social media and mobile connectivity that we live in, consumers are asking for more from retailers as they are venturing into the marketplace less and less due to the shifting sands of technology and the seemingly overwhelming lack of attention to their needs and communication preferences. In order to maintain your customer base and gain yourself some new clients which could be your competitions you are going to need to be open to changing with the times and look at things from your clients perspective if you want to continue to reach them effectively and accurately.

When clients come to us asking where it is we see the market going and how can they stay on the forefront of the digital signage and display industry without getting caught up in the fad’s and here today gone tomorrow technologies we always ask one question – do you really want to reach people how they want to be communicated to? The answer is always a quizzical yes! Once we have their permission to blast them with the brutal truth we present the interactive option to them and ask them if they are open to putting their clients in control of their own marketing and letting them determine what they want to see and how they want to see it.

Our society has been programmed with the Burger King – “have it your way” mentality and if you don’t give them what they want they are quite confident that there is someone out there willing to provide them with the experience they are looking for and will move on just that quick. Going interactive with your in-store marketing efforts will put you right in the center of their world and communication styles, also providing them the opportunity to interact and tell friends and their social network about your store, products and experience right from your location.

We are in the age of permission based marketing where most everyone hates spam and is all too quick to dump you and your sales pitch if they feel you have overstepped your bounds; there is no better way to be-friend someone and their friends then to give them the idea that it was their idea in the first place…

You see as educated and technically savvy as this generation is they still have the same common inherent weakness’s and desires to be marketed too as the previous but they are behind a wall that will need to be pulled down by them and not you.

The best way that you can do this is put the power into their hands and let them be in control and make the decisions; let them touch your marketing campaign literally. It is so very reasonable for you to let your customers interact with your marketing efforts that it will probably make your head spin and leave you wondering why you haven’t done this yet.

Most likely you have a piece of glass in or on your storefront whether you are in a mall, stand alone brick and mortar or a strip mall you need to take a portion of that glass and turn it into an interactive revenue generator for you. If you have a clear surface you have the beginnings of the perfect tool to create a tool for your customers to educate themselves and actually completely sink their teeth right into your marketing without you ever asking them to.

Society today is addicted to touching and interacting so feed the addiction and gain the clients, apply a couple layers of film to inside of your storefront window, mount a projector, connect the cables, upload your campaign and let the fun begin. If you have any doubts to the validity of this go take a look at the surge of interest in Redbox and all the kiosk deployments that are available for the general public to interact with unsupervised and you will soon be a believer.

People want to feel special and want to know that they are in control yet all the time wanting the experience too; nothing is FREE so give them what they want and in turn you can have what you want with a little help from their KRYPTONITE.

To learn more about this technology and how to use it to grow your business in these changing times; contact one of our interactive digital displays specialist’s and together we can determine the appropriate solution for your project, as always we strive for your satisfaction and look forward to the opportunity to share our passion with you.


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